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B2B Lead Generation

Looking to connect with cannabis industry business owners, equipment buyers, and decision-makers? A managed lead generation campaign with Blue Dream can help you fill your pipeline and generate ongoing brand awareness, while making your in-person events presence & sales strategy more impactful.

So, you want to generate leads…

Here’s the gist

If you have an insightful report or whitepaper to share, then you’re already two steps ahead! Need assistance writing and assembling a document? We can help you put together a winning strategy and a well-designed whitepaper that will inspire confidence. Once your document is ready to share, the campaign follows a simple formula:

Landing Page:

We host a landing page where visitors can fill out a brief survey in order to access your report.


We coordinate promotions of your report to an engaged audience of cannabis professionals.

Inbound MQL:

You identify the best prospects from among survey responses and selectively craft your approach.

Don’t forget…

Think “deep dive” as opposed to “quick tips.”

If you’re going to put an official report out into the world, why not take it as an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise? Entry-level information will attract entry-level professionals: to ensure that your report appeals to your ideal customer, you need to deliver in-depth educational value that reflects the quality of the service you provide.

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