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Our Story

Once upon a time, a small team of hardworking media-makers built a website called Ganjapreneur. Over several years, their website grew into one of the most popular business journals for the exciting and rapidly-accelerating cannabis industry, and in the course of their work they wound up teaming up on advertising campaigns with some of the largest cannabis brands in operation.

Before long, the team realized that many of these companies were working with agencies and marketing experts who were well-established outside the world of cannabis, but who lacked crucial industry awareness. So, spurred by the need for more cannabis-conscious design in the world of weed, Blue Dream was born.

Our Values

We believe that good design is honest, helpful, and compassionate. The brands that we create are tailored to reveal the true identities of the people and projects they represent, while presenting them in the best possible light.

We believe that anyone engaging in commercial activity in the cannabis industry needs to recognize the historical injustice of prohibition, and the lasting harms of its enforcement. We work with brands who manifest ethical business practices and social responsibility.

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