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The Branding & Rebranding Process

Our Approach

We take a big-picture approach to branding. Efficient, multi-talented teams work in collaboration with our clients, identifying and implementing a cohesive marketing strategy and design system that spans all mediums. When your unified brand successfully portrays your value to your ideal customer, good things happen.

Starting from scratch

If you are in the early stages of brand development, having a partner like Blue Dream will set you up for a much smoother path forward. Consistent and authoritative design is key, but in the world of cannabis, having a good awareness of your market context and industry landscape is just as important. We can help on both fronts, ensuring that you put your best foot forward while avoiding any potential snags related to branding and marketing.

Brand refresh / rebrand

Every brand evolves over time. If you are exploring a rebrand or “refresh” of your existing brand, working with an agency like Blue Dream will help streamline the process and ensure that it’s worth the effort. If you are providing value that deserves more market awareness, we can help you discover a visual style and design system that highlights your strengths and inspires market-leading confidence. Everything we do is about making your image match the reality of who you are.

In other words:

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