Blue Dream publishes creative cannabis content of high quality. We love to feature creators who have utilized cannabis to enhance their creative ability and are willing to talk about it. We profile artists and share insightful content of all kinds. If you would like to be profiled or you have some compelling content, we’d love to hear from you!

Here are the rules:

  1. Good Fit

    We focus on content of several different facets. We’ll publish anything that meets our standards that can speak to the following concepts: Creativity, Education, Advocacy and Lifestyle. If your content is cannabis inspired, fueled, or supported and it can speak to one or all of those, we are interested.

  2. Attribution

    Content creators must be given proper credit. If you are submitting content that isn’t yours, please provide contact information for the artist or content creator. We will contact them for permission.

  3. High Quality

    Content must be of a certain level of quality and interest. We’re not looking to republish shaky cell phone footage or half-baked creative projects. We want creative, insightful, well-executed content.

  4. Positivity

    We believe cannabis is healthy and useful. We’re looking for content that carries this message and reflects well on cannabis users, cultivators, and industry professionals.